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What is a Workforce Sustainability Program?

The idea is simple: when your workers thrive, your business grows. The way you treat your employees matters. It matters for recruiting and retaining good employees, for better engagement, better job satisfaction, and improved productivity. Our employer network knows how important it is to invest in your workers. We work with employers to help you achieve these goals.

Did you know?

Every employee worrying about money at work costs you three weeks productivity a year. High turnover is a huge annual expense. You gain a competitive advantage by boosting frontline employee engagement and retention.

We can help.

Our employer partners are invested in supporting their employees so they stay longer, are happier, and feel more engaged at work. They know that helping their employees address challenges outside of work makes them better employees at work. Our employer network believes in the importance of a strong company culture, a healthy workforce, and a thriving community for their business to grow.

How Our Approach Works

Resource Navigation is a new class of employee benefits that connects workers with personalized resources and ongoing support so life challenges don’t keep them from bringing their best selves to work.

The Sustainable Workforce Model decreases absenteeism, improves workers’ financial stability, and ultimately increases employee retention and engagement by offering personalized, human-to-human assistance when workers need it most.

The CDC reports that 1 in 6 adults experienced four or more ACEs. With support from a Community Resource Navigator, a new class of employee benefit that connects workers with personalized resources and ongoing support, we can mitigate those impacts. When parents and caregivers have relief from life’s challenges, they can focus on raising healthy, connected children.

Circle of Benefits - 8 key benefits: Reduced Health Costs, Higher Engagement, Improved Productivity, Higher Job Satisfaction, Reduced Absenteeism, Better Company Culture, Higher Retention, Easier Recruiting.

Our Partners

The Robinette Company
BVPS Bearcats - Bristol Virginia Public Schools
TN Department of Children's Services
United Way of Bristol TN/VA

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Brandi Peters

Brandi Peters

Appalachian Connect Program Coordinator

Brandi Peters is a lifelong Bristol TN native and a graduate of King University. Brandi joined Appalachian Promise Alliance in October of 2019 as the Community Resource Navigator for the Appalachian Connect Program. She believes in helping neighbors and making life easier for folks. Brandi spent over 14 years in the corporate world of engineering, marketing, human resources and recruiting and has seen many of the issues with which workers struggle. This is why she strongly believes in the Appalachian Connect Program and works to do more for her community and the people in it. She feels her role as Program Coordinator allows her to do just that!
Brandi is certified in Mental Health First Aid, Building Strong Brains, and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Trauma-Informed Response. She is also a Certified Yoga Instructor.

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